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True Grow Resources SDN BHD specialises in fund management solutions. We offer institutional and private investors a wide range of investment strategies. We aim to provide our investors with risk-adjusted returns in a managed structure that bring into line of the interests of investors.

What we can do for you:
• Funds, connections, and support.
• We remain actively involved in those up-and-coming startups.
• We are advising the Board, with helping the executing team with key management
• We leverage the company’s traction with our wide-industry network.

Accelerate lead generation through our vast network of trusted members in the region


Whether you are looking to enter a new market, or secure your position in a current one, our lead generation services will help you achieve your targets quickly, connecting you with possible business leads whilst ensuring that these leads are qualified and relevant to your businesses. We draw on the depth of our network to connect our clients from China, Malaysia, Singapore, and other parts of Asia.

What we can do for you:
• Access to a network of service providers or potential business leads through True Grow Resources.
– We believe no business is an island. We offer a platform for merchants to seek
counsel and wisdom of other members who, like you, are entrepreneurial and
seeking to grow and develop professionally and personally.
– We can make this promise because of the diversity of occupations, education,
career paths, and personal lifestyles within our membership.
– We actively organise business events and forums for our members to network and
build relationships with other relevant business peers.

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As one of the subsidiary company of True Grow Resources (TGR Holding SDN BHD), HL Capital Venture specialize in trading between China markets to around the world. Inspired by the spirit of One Belt One Road, HL Capital Venture act as a bridge that connects businesses from east to west. Major trading activities are river sand, palm oil and frozen foods.

Property Development


TGR Development SDN BHD, a subsidiary of True Grow Resources (TGR Holding SDN BHD) that develop projects lies not only in its outstanding design, but a design that works for our business goals and gets delivered on time with no mistakes.

• We are experts in devising strategies that will elevate the projects to the next level of success. With partnering with our oversea partners that enable us to make informed decisions, reduce cost, create value and maximize returns.

Get unmatched access to exciting business investment opportunities in the region


Our members represent a wide range of businesses that includes high-tech, food & beverage, agribusiness, sales & distribution, and more. We provide the platform for members to not only engage with merchants and businesses in the region but to facilitate investment opportunities and resources.

What we can do for you:
• Identify and develop opportunities to invest in exciting projects or businesses.
– Currently, we have some very interesting investment projects, these projects are open to individuals and companies who want to become equity partners in promising and successful projects.
– If you are interested in knowing more about these opportunities, we can help arrange an introduction with prospective business partners and/or assist with the establishment of joint venture or other business arrangements.

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Modernizing company’s rich heritage and reputation with innovative business solutions


To keep up with the challenges of the digital age, True Grow Resources aims to help merchants stay relevant by redefining its customer’s experience through convenient, seamless, omni-channel business solutions.

What we can do for you:
• Create a new revenue stream for traditional businesses.
– Traditional merchants and SMEs who seek to take their businesses online will need a lot of support to overcome latent barriers, True Grow Resources enable businesses to accelerate the deployment of e- commerce by providing them with the right digital solutions.
– Case in point, we digitised JomJait’s massive array of products for easy searching, helping the leading haberdashery (small articles for sewing) wholesaler and retailer saved significant amount of manhours throughout its sales process.
– We also recently launched the LaoZiHao platform specifically catered to heritage food & beverage players in Malaysia, giving them access to the lucrative Chinese market.

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